Responding to the Challenges of Post-Truth

Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University 2019 , 104 p.

The present collection of essays entitled Responding to the Challenges of Post-truth constitutes an attempt to critically assess the phenomenon that receives immense media attention in the recent years. The authors analyze post-truth in diverse contexts and demonstrate its novelty, peculiarity, and difference from as well as non-reducibility to classic lies. Apart from the phenomenological encounter with post-truth, the papers in the present volume engage with the wide range of theoretical and applied matters: from the implications of post-truth in education and academy to the role of truth in sociopolitical life. A strong trajectory of ethical reflection is the common denominator that binds together the papers in the present volume. All contributors are concerned with the issues of the moral weight of facts, soundness of judgements, and condition of public trust.

Most of the authors are the members of an interdisciplinary group of scholars and experts associated with the International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Nonetheless, almost all papers are written in a rather accessible manner with few references to highly specialized literature. In addition to the relative accessibility of the expositions, the theme that does not require any special background makes this volume potentially attractive to wide circles of readers interested in the junctions between classical ethical categories and contemporary global dynamics.

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