Educational initiatives platform

Our mission: quality and value-based education for every student

EIP’s overall goal is to enhance and facilitate the educational reforms in Ukraine.



EIP’s main tasks and activities are:


  1. Articulating current and future educational development trends, challenges and issues.  
  2.  Helping MES, local authorities and management teams of government educational institutions make informed choices.
  3. Providing public policy research, analysis and advice.
  4. Transforming ideas and emerging problems into policy issue and actions, as well as piloting problem-solving initiatives with the help of offered algorithms at schools and universities.
  5. Piloting research-based training programs.
  6. Supporting NGO’s educational initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in Ukraine.
  7. Disseminating research findings and conducting various outreach activities (public testimony, media appearances and speeches, public forums and conferences).
  8. Creating networks and exchanges via workshops, seminars, and briefings.



The main directions of activity:

Good Governance Model For New Ukrainian School  (School 3.0)

  • Field analysis of schools’ motivation and readiness to change
  • Description of a new high school governance model (including job description of managerial and teaching positions, ways of establishing and sustaining relationships with the stakeholders, fundraising practices, etc.)
  • Build a network and strong partnership with various stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, public institutions, NGOs, research centers and other social actors for coordination of bottom-up actions in Ukrainian civil society
  • Development of creative education, namely the popularization of innovative teaching methods that contribute to creativity and critical thinking and changing communication culture at schools to openness, inclusion, tolerance and trust

Educational Leadership Based On Values

  • Desk research on values of contemporary Ukrainian society and values in pedagogy
  • Field research of the socio-cultural status of the Ukrainian teaching environment in order to promote the adaptation of Ukrainian teachers to educational reform, in particular, to introduce the value framework proposed in the “Concept of a New Ukrainian School”
  • Designing a program of professional value-based development
  • Designs different events as a platform for sharing the relevant experience, achievements and challenges as well as collaboration in implementation of innovative educational projects

Quality Assurance System In HEIs

  • Analysis of the existing quality assurance practices in Ukraine and comparison with a few international quality assurance methods/practices
  • Development of a new philosophy, system and practice for universities’ internal systems of quality assurance grounded on output and outcomes evaluation rather than on input assessment
  • “Training the trainers”: capacity building to prepare pilot implementation of a quality assurance model at some selected HEIs
  • Policy paper on internal quality assurance model

University Education In Digital Age

  • Blended learning recommendations faculty-book (toolkit)
  • Faculty Training Program (FTP) aimed to facilitate implementation of blended learning
  • Faculty capacity building: piloting FTP program at UCU
  • Policy paper/recommendations focused on faculty professional development in a digital age


Taras Dobko – Senior Vice-Rector of UCU, expert

Volodymyr Turchynovskyy – Director of the Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues of UCU, expert

Olha Matiychuk – Project manager

Iryna Naumets – PR manager

Yaryna Smyrnova – assistant



Scope of the project outputs 2017-2018:


  • 7 high schools were involved in a 1 year intensive program
  • 4 reports based on the surveys and sociological research were published
  • 2 training programs were developed and piloted
  • 1 online tool for analyzing current state of the school development, its motivation and readiness to change was developed and made available for the users
  • 123 universities participated in the field research
  • over 1300 people participated in open events and trainings
  • 1 open online course launched
  • 35 forums, seminars, workshops organized at the different locations in Ukraine
  • 12 articles published
  • 11 public presentations organized
  • 13 thematic discussions were held in 10 cities of Ukraine
  • 1 policy paper with recommendations “Building Local Quality Management Systems in Ukrainian Universities: International Experience and Ukrainian Practices” was published



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