Good Governance Program

Right after the Revolution of Dignity and in the spirit of the values manifested at the Maidan a new three-month program for public managers from national and regional administrations entitled Good Governance was launched in April of 2014. The program aimed at educating a new wave of public servants committed to the common good of the Ukrainian society and aiming at reforming the existing system of public governance in a competent and morally rooted way.
The Good Governance Program was launched as a joint project of three UCU institutions, namely, the Lviv Business School, the Institute for Leadership and Management, and the International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues.
The program was received with a great interest on the national level. There are about 79 graduates of the program who are currently working at various places in the system of public governance and some of them for the civil society organizations.
IIECI faculty and fellows have taught courses in business ethics, ethics of non-for-profit sector, media ethics, and ethics and contemporary issues for the students of the Lviv Business School, the Institute for Leadership and Management, and UCU Doctoral School.
This initiative proved to be timely, successful, and instrumental in preparing and launching the Master of Public Administration Program (MPA) and opening the School of Management at UCU in the spring of 2015. Now this program continues its life in this School of Management and is very successful.

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