Responding to the Challenges of Post-Truth

Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University 2019 , 104 p. The present collection of essays entitled Responding to the Challenges of Post-truth constitutes an attempt to critically assess the phenomenon that receives immense media attention in the recent years. The authors analyze post-truth in diverse contexts and demonstrate its novelty, peculiarity, and difference from as well as […]

Friendship in the Time of Facebook – IIECI Special Edition 2019

Essays are written by the members of the IIECI on the occasion of the international conference Friendship in the Time of Facebook

Religion in the modern world: pluralism, secularization, globalization (in Ukrainian)

The book about the different themes in religion, sociology, secularization.

In His Own Arms: Events, Actions, and Persons

Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University 2018 , 208 p. “The experience of compassion does not seem to be satisfactorily understandable in scientifically naturalist ways only. Rather, understanding compassion would seem to presuppose a casually open understanding of some elements of experience as a whole. The ‘openness’ at issue here, in partial view sometimes only in the […]

In the Moment of Your Passage. Essays in Ethics: the Aesthetic, the Metaphysical, and the Interpretive

Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2015, 216 p. “… what people ordinarily call ‘true friendship’, where we are to understand friendship neither for pleasure alone nor for advantage alone, may be helpfully parsed with Plato’s dramatic representations of the close friendship between Alcibiades and Socrates. That is, true friendship is a mutual and sustained bond of […]

Of Three Minds. Essays in Ethics: the Political, the Social, the Global

Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2014, 179 p. “Living virtuously is not just living well; living virtuously is living harmoniously – keeping the truth of the one’s words, valuing the fullness of life, and participating in what is not just ethically good but in the ethical harmony of thinking and being with the good”. Peter McCormick.

Philosophy of the Gift (in Ukrainian)

Essays of the Ukrainian and American phenomenologist Damian Fedoryka (in Ukrainian)


Колективна праця американських дослідників «Медіяетика: практичні випадки та моральні міркування» є зразком блискучого поєднання теорії і практики, де етика і мораль постають як ключові засади праці журналіста. У США цей посібник перевидавався вісім разів. Його головна мета – розвинути аналітичні навички та покращити компетентність у галузі етики сучасних засобів суспільної комунікації. Автори добрали широкий спектр […]