The Conference in the Georgetown University and the Lecture of Archbishop Borys

In October 2018 the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople re-established the Metropolitanate of Kyiv under his jurisdiction, granting the tomos of autocephaly (independence) to the newly established Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Georgetown University will hold the Conference “The Orthodox Church of Ukraine: Ecclesiological, Ecumenical, and Geopolitical Dimensions” In October 25, 2019

The fellows of the IIECI –Archbishop Borys, Jose Casanova, Oleh Turiy, Andriy Kostiuk, the director of IIECI Volodymyr Turchynovskyy   will partivipate in this events.

After the conference Archbishop Borys will have the lecture “Catholic Social Thought and Democratic Civil Society in Ukraine”.

Webinar «We are all brothers. Whose children are we?»

«We are all brothers. Whose children are we?» by the Chair of the Science Department UCU,director of the BA Program “Ethics-Politics-Economics” UCU (in Ukrainian)

Webinar with Andriy Kostiuk

“Does the Church’s social teaching offer an alternative to the basic ideas of liberalism and Marxism?” by Andriy Kostiuk, the Director of the UCU Law School, Managing Partner of the KPLT. Attorneys at law, Lviv, Ukraine

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