Ethics, Politics, Economics

Starting from the last months of 2015, the Institute had a leadership role in promoting the development of the vision, concept, and strategy for establishing a new interdisciplinary program of academic intersection Ethics-Politics-Economics (EPE) at UCU. In July 2016 funding support from the Renovabis Foundation was secured for the curriculum development and launch of the program. The UCU Senate approved the opening of EPE in February 2017. And after that, in July 2017, the Renovabis Foundation secured funding support for EPE first academic year 2017/2018. On September 1, 2017, EPE department was established and the department team was appointed. Finally, on September 14, 2017 classes for 40 students of the EPE program started.

The main mission of the program is to educate a new generation of highly-qualified leaders committed to basic moral values, human dignity, freedom, solidarity, common good, human rights, justice, and motivated by values and principles. It also forms creative, goal-directed social leaders, politicians, business-people responsible for social, political, and economic processes in Ukraine and at the international level. With this program IIECI is making an important contribution to educating free, innovative, critically-thinking managers, who constantly learn, know how to learn, can apply their knowledge, look for changes on local and global scales, shape new models of development and create new systems.

The EPE program is based on the principle of Academic Intersection, which means interdisciplinary study and analysis of social, political, and economic processes in Ukraine and on the international scale combined with an axiological approach. The study of the three disciplines from the point of view of their mutual influence allows the program to broaden its scope to the life of society and to open new horizons which are out of reach for each discipline taken separately. The EPE program has three main blocs Ethics, Politics, and Economics, integrated with smaller ones: Law, History, Languages, Communication, Theology and Philosophy.

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