First Conference Day

Day Theme

Vulnerability in the Digital Age

Venue: Sheptytsky Center, Stryiska str., 29а, Lviv

Although vulnerability has always been a part of what it means to be human, digital reality has introduced a new and particularly pernicious kind of vulnerability that prevents us from detecting how, through the power of invisible digital algorithms, our thought and decision-making processes are influenced. Often times we make the very decisions that are not good for us, unaware of the fact that we have been manipulated. At other times, our genuine needs are not being met because our illegitimate wants have been transformed into needs through digital deception. This confusion of wants and needs in turn changes the very meaning of what it means to be human.

Among others, the following issues will be addressed and reflected upon throughout the day:

Vulnerability and the Transcendent: Wandering Through the Digital Lands
Digital Algorithms and Human Freedom: ‘Digital-ity’ vs. Humanity?
Legitimate Influence and Illegitimate Manipulation: How to Discriminate?
Informational Overload and Big Data: In Search for Integrity and Identity?
Manipulative Techniques and the Threats to Markets and Democracy
“Digital Super Exposure”: Privacy and Value of the Personal Data


Pre-conference Activities


Plenary Session I:

Wandering Through the Digital Lands: Algorithms, Manipulative Techniques and Human Freedoms

Room 002






Johan Fornäs, Sweden                                           Room 002

“Media Materiality and Meaning Making: A Critical Hermeneutic View on Culture asImagination and Communication”


Round Table “Digital Super Exposure”:                  Room 127

Privacy and Value of the Personal Data in Sociological Research


Inga Kozlova, Ukraine

Dmytro Myronovych, Ukraine

Natalia Pohorila, Ukraine

Viktor Susak, Ukraine

Speaker and Moderator – Danylo Sudyn, Ukraine


Evening Discussion

Information Overload and the Devaluation of Privacy: in Search for Integrity and Identity


Peter McCormick, Canada-France

Jose Nandhikkara, India

Moderator Viktor Poletko, Ukraine

Room 002